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It's getting harder.

Wed, 08/07/2013 - 11:48PM by venussuperstar 0 Comments -

I can't sleep so I decided to say hi and I guess vent a little. This year has been really really hard for me. It just seems like whatever can go wrong will. I've been put through the ringer with my health and my personal life. I have the first of possibly 3 surgeries scheduled for Sept. 3rd. Gotta admit I'm scared shitless. Not only cause my abdomen will be cut open but the fact that an oncologist was called in to perform the surgery. 

I have also had a misscarriage (possibly 2 according to Dr). I thought I wanted a kid but circumstances changed and now I know it was for the best. If my personal life changes and my love life changes for the better ill consider it if he wants to try again. But for now that's off the table unless its a miracle and imaculate conception occurs. Lol. 

I'm just really down right now and I try to stay upbeat and keep myself busy but it's just too much for me right now. Too much at once you know. 
Well anyways, thank you for letting this crazy chick let some of this out. 



I am so sorry. I read you were sick before but I had no idea it was this bad. Have you been sick since June? Oh my god. Hopefully things start to improve you. Most people don't understand what a traumatic loss a miscarriage can be. I hope your friends and family are giving all the love and support they can to you right now. I hope you know there are a lot of people all over the world who follow your blog, who care about you and want you to get well. <3



THANK YOU!! You don't know how much I appreciate your well wishes and those from my other wonderful friends from this blog. It does boost my spirits to know that people care. Thank you again


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